BOGDAN KOSAK (1966) – Porselein


Bogdan Kosak

born 1966

Graduated in Ceramics Studies in Katowice. He designs applied porcelain and ceramic sculpture. From 1995 – 2006 he ran the model room at Porcelana Śląska (Silesian Porcelain) in Katowice, where he also worked as a technologist from 2006 – 2008. Since 1995 he has been running his own company, Modelarnia Ceramiczna, which makes products in limited series. He also designs for Porcelana Śląska and the BGH Network in Katowice, and for Kera Ceramika in Bielsko-Biała. He has shown his work at 13 solo exhibitions and 36 collective ones. He was awarded the main prize at Śląska Rzecz 2006 for his Tomaszów set, and was nominated at the Prodeco 2007, Prodeco 2008, and Śląska Rzecz 2009 competitions. He lives in Cieszyn.