2015-03-15 - 2015-04-25

Press Release


From 15 March till 25 April 2015 E.M. Galerie in Drachten presents a project with eight international artists under the title ‘STILL IN MOTION’. This project is a new phase of development of E.M. Galerie in the direction of abstract geometric art .
‘Still in motion’ means a constant undercurrent in abstraction.

The opening of the exhibition on Sunday, March 15th, 2015 at 3p.m. will be performed by Martina Paulo , director of Museum Dr8888 .


I am Polish/French artist living in Paris.
The cubic form is the base and also the constraint of my exploration. Paradoxically, limiting myself in this way allows me a wider freedom of experimentation.
I am working on concepts related to intimate space, familiar objects. The issue of perception, including our understanding and sensibility of environment, forms the major area of my investigation. For me, the cube is also a reference to architecture and the spaces in which we inhabit in everyday life. I have produced several works using optical illusion, which raise questions about perceptual phenomena and our construction of reality.
I use traditional materials to create my works (metal, wood…), as well as non art specific materials, such as PVC sheeting or adhesive tape as used in the construction industry.


The study of non-functioning detail, found in man-made objects and the built environment, is the primary focus of my work. These tiny elements that serve no apparent practical purpose, and which may even compromise functionality, can nonetheless elevate an object from the mundane to something considered to be of value or even beauty.

I produce very precise and exacting paintings using paper and card. They are usually sparse in their content. The flat painted surfaces are built up of many thin layers leaving no discernible signs of brush-marks or texture. I use no mathematical systems or grids to create the images. However, they are not completely random, rather each is an illustration of a simple concept: perhaps an overlap, misalignment or the restriction of the image to the edges. The empty space serves to hold the elements in place, separate them or allow them to interact.

The finished work, though laboriously hand-made, has a deceptively manufactured appearance. These are works made to be viewed at close quarters. The simplicity of the image focuses our attention towards the minuscule and demands close scrutiny, drawing us into an intimate space where the barrier between viewer and artist diminishes.


The basis of my work is usually formed by a concrete idea . The "rules" in the initial states very precisely . Subsequently , as in a traditional board game , it may by chance - by throwing the dice or shoots of the numbered marbles - play an important role in the creation of the art work .
During the execution of the work is not intended to depart from the fixed plan.


I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, in the year of 2009.
Although in my art I mostly work with picture and imaging, I also try to transgress painting as a
medium, and not to focus only on form. I often treat picture symbolically as a carrier of certain
values and traditions. In my recent activities I have been looking for inspiration in experiencing
everyday life and in the way I was brought up.
Out of those components a cycle “Paintings Devouring Reality” has emerged, in which all those
threads meet.


My art is an exploration of the experience of space, void and light.
Light as a source, a ground of origin, a source of information in itself,
carrying a message. The lines, forms and surfaces of my works
exist through their specific inter-dependence and co-existence with
emptiness and space. Their relationship is variable, there is no
unique, right and definite solution, but many, unknown and changing.
Each time the optimal atmosphere must be found once again,
adjusted once again. The emptiness itself is active.


The geometry like a formal experimentation of the possibilities of painting. The importance of the materials and the supports in the search of balance and harmony. The drawing like a constant abstract thinking and the resolution like a haphazard way of an incessant search, where the subjective decision meets the conflict of infinitive possibilities.