BETWEEN DOORS- Geometries, Spaces and Constructions

2016-00-00 - 2016-00-00

Geometries, Spaces and Constructions

Art-Director: Elżbieta Middel
Curator: Mateusz Bieczyński
Arrangement: Maciej Kurak

'Between doors – Geometries, Spaces and Construction’ is a project of an international and collective exhibition of artists from Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The main link between presented art-works is a reference to the notion of geometry in the architectural and special contexts. Thus, most of the art-works are not having any direct figurative reference in their form, but a strong suggestion of it is present in them. To say it with another words, the objects selected for the exhibition can be described as abstract but their meaning is more then just a formal experiment.

This tension between the presence and the absence of a concrete form can be called as a “situation between doors” – when we already feel the meaning but we still can’t define it precisely with concrete words. In this sense each of the artists is putting a question about the human experience, which is primary of our life. Its going about the situation, when our sensual (mostly visual) recognition of the object or a place is intermediated with the knowledge of the abstract geometry. This knowledge seems to belong to the very natural attitude of the human being, because everyone intuitively grasps abstract geometric principles despite having no formal math education.

How does it work? The “between doors situation” as a characteristics of the way that human brain works is connected to the universal code. Geometry, etymologically the “science of measuring the Earth”, is a mathematical formalization of space. Just as formal concepts of number may be rooted in an evolutionary ancient system for perceiving numerical quantity, the fathers of geometry may have been inspired by their perception of space. Is the spatial content of formal Euclidean geometry universally present in the way humans perceive space, or is Euclidean geometry a mental construction, specific to those who have received appropriate instruction?

All artists participating in the project described above are trying to answer this question in an individual way by giving to the viewer a thin fade to follow and to reflect.

The topic of geometry as universal communication is an abstract topic only at the first view. When we go deeper, we realize, that in the western culture it refers also the ethical aspect of our existence. Its because the distinction between the perceptual appearance of the world and its true, mathematical and idealistic structure can be derived from the Platonic interpretation of geometry as embodying the ideal of true knowledge – geometry is the ideal/universal by performing as the original model, but not always when its just a suggestion or a concrete emanation of it. To represent a geometry in an artistic form is also to ask about the truth or false of human sensual experience.

The project “Between doors – geometries, spaces and constructions” is an invitation to a philosophical journey into the world of an abstract art, which turn out to be very concrete in the content.

Artists involved in the project: Luc Hoekx, Roeland Tweelinckx, Femke Dekkers, Marena Seeling, Coen Vernooij, Bartosz Kokosinski, Maciej Kurak, Kathleen Huys, Jan Enno de Jong, Marek Sulek, , Natalia Brandt.

Mateusz Bieczynski